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Lavish photographers are true artists who have an eye for the details, right angles and best lighting to provide high-quality photos that capture the best features of your listing 

Photos are often the first impression that buyers have of your listing before stepping foot onto the actual property so it is important to make those impressions last with our professional HDR photography

$179 for 25 HDR Photos  |  $199 for 25-40 HDR Photos


Capture the essence of a home with a Twilight photo shoot. Home buyers love dreamy and eye-catching twilight photos because they are different from the regular exterior shot. They are more likely to grab the attention of the buyer and are more likely to be shared online

Daytime exterior photos continue to dominate online presentations so having a home lit up at dusk will make your listing stand out. This results in more buyers clicking on and viewing your listing

Twilight | $199

Detail Shots

Detail shots are designed to show off features of the home that are otherwise lost in wide angle shots. We use a narrow lens at 50mm and focus on fixtures, backsplash, flooring, doorways, detailed architecture and staging. Add flare to your listing with detail shots

Detail Shots| $99

Video Slideshow

A cinematic video slide show is a great marketing tool for your listing and a great add on to your photo package. The video slideshow will also be uploaded to Zillow for preferred placement. 


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